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Club History

Organization And Early Years

The North East River Yacht Club was organized by a group of yachtsmen interested in safe boating and good fellowship. In July of 1930 a certificate of incorporation for North East River Yacht Club, Inc. (NERYC) was recorded in Maryland. These gentlemen started NERYC with an initial capital fund of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00). The certificate of incorporation states: "The object of this Club shall be to encourage the sport of yachting, to promote the science of seamanship and navigation, to provide a suitable Clubhouse, Anchorage and Piers for the use of its boating members and to provide facilities for the recreation and social activities of all its members, both boaters and non-boaters."  Additionally, it states that: "The said corporation is not formed for the purpose of profit in any manner whatsoever but is to be supported and maintained primarily by purchase of stock and by contributions to it in the form of membership dues and assessments."

At first the original two story square part of the present building was leased from North East Heights Realty Company. At that time, the building was new with the second floor not entirely completed. Although originally built as a residence, the clubhouse was never used for other than club purposes.

The War Years And The Fifties

The early period of the club is somewhat hazy due to the loss of many of the early records. The author is therefore dependent on the memory of some of the earlier members. Additionally much of the information was taken from the Nor'Easter, published in 1980.

About 1936 the second floor was finished by volunteer labor. Two years later in 1938, the basement under the main lounge was made usable as a "Rathskeller". This was also accomplished with volunteer help. In 1940 the dance floor wing with the basement barroom below was added with much of the work being done by members. This basement barroom is currently the "Burgee Lounge" and is a favorite informal gathering and eating place for members.

Until 1947 there was an open L-shaped porch adorning the west and south sides of the clubhouse. In 1947 the south side porch was enclosed for use as a dining room and the west side porch was screened. Also during that same year, the basement barroom below the dance floor was finished and a circular bar was built to replace the short straight bar in the northeast corner of the basement.

During 1952 the enclosed porch dining room was enlarged westward and northward. It was during that renovation that the rounded corners which now grace the present dining room were added. At this same time the kitchen was enlarged and separate showers for both men and women were built to the east of the main building. During the same time period the McCord Land Swap gave the club the ground across the street. Today it is surrounded by hedge and used for a parking lot. Also in the same time period a flagpole was donated to the club and remains in use today.

1960 To Present

In 1962 the club was again expanded and the entire facility was air-conditioned and redecorated. This comparatively extensive and expensive work required financing, and the membership approved new by-laws, a bond sale, and a mortgage. Also in the same year the property to the north was acquired.

The club docks have gone through many changes since 1930. A new bulkhead was completed in 1966. In 1967 electric and water were added to the dock facilities. The next year with the purchase of the bulkhead riverfront lot next door, the club expanded into an enviable waterfront property with an excellent view and room for an extensive mooring area. In 2003 the extreme storm surge produced by Hurricane Isabel took its toll on the old piers. In 2004 membership approved a plan to replace and expand the marina. Implementation of the waterfront development plan was delayed by permit and legal clearances, until finally, during the 2006/7 off-season, the old docks were demolished and construction was completed on the current state of the art marina with floating piers and attenuators.

The old piers at Neryc Modern flaoting piers at Neryc


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