Club or just a marina?  Sometimes, it can be in how things sound.
"The question of your boat’s seasonal home is often more a question of where you want to spend time than anything else.  Sure, there are always the considerations of amenities, but the sense of community is just as important.  When people accustomed to the marina scene visit our club – North East River Yacht Club – they immediately notice some subtle yet profound differences.  Beyond the pleasant blend of power boaters, sailors and social members, there are organized activities for all groups, ages and interests.  By nature, this creates a very engaging environment and a social fabric that makes it nearly impossible to be incognito or feel adrift. It’s a kinetic energy that plays out repeatedly throughout the season, and I’m sure it’s not much different at most clubs.  Our Thursday evenings are the perfect example of the experience. It usually starts around five o’clock, as long-time friends begin rolling into the parking lot one by one and make their way into the clubhouse, greeting one another and catching up on what’s new.  Within a short time, the bar in the Burgee Lounge is crowded, the noise level is elevated to a healthy roar, and continues to build with each new arrival.  The staff are dashing back and forth to keep up with the drink orders, adding the sounds of glassware, fluidics and fizz to the mix. Outside the noise level is on the rise too, when Junior sailors began assembling their boats for a race.  There’s the clanging of spars and booms, the clunks of centerboards and rudders, and the raw sounds of unbridled enthusiasm as everyone hurries their pace to be one of the first out on the water.  And of course, there’s always the parents reminding someone to put on their lifejacket or find their shoes. The next wave is a steady stream of adults hauling sails and gear bags, comparing viewpoints on whether the wind is going to stay or drop, whether we’re going to get a thunderstorm or not, and what is being ordered for dinner.  By this time, the Burgee Lounge is packed, with noise of a happy crowd leaking out each time a door is opened when a staff member comes out to check up on the early outside diners. The decibel level must drop a bit about 6:20 since the kids are out on the water and the keelboat sailors have headed out on the docks, but I can’t be sure, since I’m with them.  But when we all come back as the sun sets, it’s nothing short of pandemonium.  The Burgee Lounge is still in full roar, there’s not a seat to be had outside and additional chairs are flowing out of the ballroom, along with food trays, silverware and glasses. The staff are hopping trying to figure out where everyone is sitting, and its all being played out against a backdrop of laughter from a crowd of kids playing tag or other games on the lawn.  Sometimes it’s tough to even have a conversation with someone sitting right next to you. But none of us would have it any other way.  Its community, it’s a cultural pathway for people to enjoy quality experiences with families and friends, and yes, its noise. It’s all part of what makes a club more than just a place to keep your boat for the season. I just love the sound of Thursday at the club." Michael Wagner

Mike I just love your write ups of Thursday nights.  I look forward to them every week, whether we have raced or not.  They are always so entertaining, but this week you outdid yourself! You completely captured the spirit of NERYC and what Ron and I love best about the place, the sounds and sights of many people of all ages enjoying themselves.  And you were right, there were folks outside, inside, at the water front and on the picnic grounds.  It was marvelous and you painted the picture for us.  Bravo!"   Justine

"I am a parent and a sailor. I love the venue and all the sailing and family activities at NERYC."

"I live in Southern Chester county and one of my best things about the club is its accessibility. It takes me 45 minutes door to door from home to the club. No traffic ever!"

"NERYC is all about people who love being in, on and around the water.  We found a community of like-minded people, many of whom have become dear friends.  We love the comfort, casual, and fun atmosphere.”  Claire and Bob Brechter

“We love the docking.  People are friendly.  You can always go informal and feel comfortable.  Lots of fun things going on all year round.”   Babs Manges

“As a social member and a new resident to North East MD, NERYC has provided the venue to meet lots of nice people who, like me, enjoy being on the water.”  Frank Keenan

“Close by and great floating docks.  We enjoy the fellowship of sharing time dining together.”

“NERYC is a great place to meet new friends.  When we first moved to the area, we didn’t know anyone.  Since joining we have made so many new friends and always have fun here.”  Ceil Keenan

“NERYC offers something for everyone.  Whether you enjoy sailing, have a power boat, or just join for the social activities, there is always a lot to do!”  Ceil Keenan

“NERYC provides a warm welcoming environment for friends, family and fun.”

“I love NERYC because of the safe, floating docks, the fellowship of members sharing their love for boating.”

"The club truly has so much to offer all who love boating and water based activities."


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